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Prostate Cancer 2050
On the sustainability of Prostate Cancer Care

19 and 20 September 2024, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

'.... back to the future ....'

‘Not all which is possible will be done, and what needs to be done will no longer be possible’ (free after dr. W. Whitmore, 1995)

We are proud to announce a conference on the sustainability of prostate cancer care. Many aspects will pass in a 2-day symposium of 5 themes addressing the future environment of prostate cancer and urology in general: diagnostics, technology, artificial intelligence, therapy, and the environment. The presentations and discussions will reflect what the current status of care and research is, based on the last 20 years of our experience, and highlight the developments, trends, and potential solutions. Presentation and discussion with room for YOUR ideas:

  • Therapy: What does it need to realize a perfectly targeted treatment….?
  • Diagnostics: ….and will we realize that with liquid biopsies and a choice of imaging modalities?
  • Artificial Intelligence: How is AI going to help us busy professionals? And will this make treatment available to more Europeans….?
  • Technology: ….which things are they going to do at home….?
  • Environment: How will we improve our urologic footprint

A multinational junior and senior faculty from Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, Japan and The Netherlands has joined on organizing this green meeting. The aim of the symposium is to create a platform for junior urologists wanting to be part of the solution. Exchange ideas, and create a network. So therefore this meeting is largely organized by a junior faculty in order to inspire others. 

On Thursday 19 September we will host a walking dinner and drinks at the nearby museum “De Kunsthal”. The food served will be all vegetarian and drinks are included from 18.00h-00.00h. After dinner we will have our resident DJs: "Le Fringo", "ThoDo" and “DJ Jopiechello“ turn the evening into a dance party. We look forward to further discussing the future of Prostate Cancer over drinks and dinner and have a great evening together.

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’Creating networks for shaping the future of prostate cancer care'

Junior Faculty


Senior Faculty

Local organizing committee




Datum 19 and 20 September 2024
Locatie Arminius
Plaats Rotterdam - The Netherlands


Accredited by the Dutch Urological Association (NVU) with 9 points


Registration fee will be € 90 for one day, € 150 for the full programme / Add-on walking dinner € 25

You can sign up using the registration form below. Simply click "I would like to register" and fill in the required information.

Of notice:

  • For the first 100 registrations there will be a reusable and foldable keep cup available at the conference
  • GREEN travelers-by-train will obtain a financial reimbursement in relation to their travel distance up to 100% of the congress admission fee
  • The lunch standard will be vegetarian. 

To book a hotel room, please send an email to

Prostate Cancer 2050 On the sustainability of Prostate Cancer Care

19 and 20 September 2024, Rotterdam - The Netherlands